Channel Partners (By Invitation only)

ChannelPartnersYou can earn Ongoing Residual Income year after year.
No start-up cost, No Overhead, and No Risk

HR & Payroll services Mean BUSINESS!

The global trend towards web based application is growing at a phenomenon rate and offers incredible business opportunities.

Avelogic now offers you an unbelievable opportunity to join us as Channel Partner. With our Web-Based HR & Payroll solution, we offer an amazing application with mind blowing features at even spectacular pricing.

Our program is very straightforward – You close the deal entirely with your expertise & effort, you get the Channel Partner Incentive. We will handle the after-sales support & implementation.

We offer Very Generous revenue-sharing arrangement, including royalties on all future sales. Refer below for details.

Incentive Plan Incentive from Package
1st Year Subscription 20.00%
Setup 20.00%
Training 20.00%
2nd Year onwards Subscription 10.00%
Example : Subscription Plan B with e-Services (0-50 employees)
Fees Plan B Incentive
1st Year
Subscription $1,000.00 $200.00
Setup $1,200.00 $240.00
Training $800.00 $160.00
Total Incentive $600.00
2nd Year onwards
Subscription $1,000.00 $100.00
Total Incentive $100.00

Avelogic provides technical support to your customers directly, 5 days a week.
We will help your customers through every step of the implementation with our Friendly Phone & Email Support. We understand that Superior Service is the Key to a profitable relationship, so we take care of all the calls & questions.

We get sales from your customers, and you get incentive from Us!

Feel free to write to us to express your interest via Request Quotation/Enquiry.