Guided Tour for SmartHRMS

Our Product Demo (Version 2.0)

SmartHRMS smallSmartHRMS is a web-based Payroll and HR solution that combines the convenience & user-friendliness of the Internet with robust security and power-packed functionalities.

For many this could be a dream come true. The cost and aggravation of licensing, customizing, maintaining, integrating, and supporting in-house software can be overwhelming for many small-midsize businesses. It can literally cost thousands of dollars, draining cash from critical operating budgets.

Most small-midsize companies cannot afford the same luxury to implement sophisticated or high-cost in-house HR and Payroll solutions, but employee management issues exist for them too. They have the same burden to maintain and report compliance information to government agencies. They also compete for the same labor pool and must maintain competitive benefit programs, policies, and procedures. They have enjoyed few affordable options to help with these labor intensive and critical business functions.

Contact us to for a guide tour link or demo account to learn how your company can benefit from Avelogic’s SmartHRMS Online Payroll, Human Resources Solution, Time Management Solutions and our range of Time Attendance Systems that integrates transparently to SmartHRMS.

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