Referral Partners

ReferralPartnersYou can earn Income on every referral & confirmed business.

No start-up cost, No Overhead, and No Risk

HR & Payroll services Mean BUSINESS!

The global trend towards web based application is growing at a phenomenon rate and offers incredible business opportunities.

Avelogic now offers you an unbelievable opportunity to join us in surf on the second tidal wave. With our Web-Based HR & Payroll solution, we offer an amazing application with mind blowing features at even spectacular pricing.

Avelogic Provides Reliable Support and Excellent Partner Compensation.

Avelogic’s commitment to Honest, Reliable Service is exemplified in our Authorized Partner Program. We offer Very Generous revenue-sharing arrangement. Refer below for details.

Incentive Plan Incentive from Package
Subscription 10.00%
Setup 10.00%
Training 10.00%
Example : Subscription Plan B with e-Services (0-50 employees)
Fees Plan B Incentive
Subscription  $1,000.00 $100.00
Setup $1,200.00 $120.00
Training $800.00 $80.00
Total Incentive $300.00

Our program is very straightforward – as long as you remain our referral partner, you will receive these incentives whenever a new lead is referred to us and the prospect sign-up with us.

We get sales from your customers, and you get incentive from Us!

Feel free to write to us to express your interest via Request Quotation/Enquiry.