Better Data-Driven Business

Expand the way you see your HR Data!

With SmartHRMS, you can now make use of Microsoft’s BI Tools to better :-

a) Upscale your data analytics for better manpower planning
b) Review the absenteeism rate of your company.
c) Grasp a comprehensive overview of your manpower demographics and breakdown

Great news if you are our customers using our Attendance Management Module. View the instructional video below to find out how you can do all of the above and open a new window to improve your manpower needs.

Data-Driven approach as enabler to support your Business today! Click here for Link to IMDA Portal

What can you track with BI Tool (BO4-Improve HR Planning)
• FTE and headcount
• Age and gender distribution
• Turnover Rate
• Absenteeism Rate
• Years of Service distribution
• Contract Type breakdown


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